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I welcome patients and functional medicine clients who have an interest in working on their health through a deep-dive approach through multiple visits done on an insurance model.

At Vida Integrated Health I serve Washington State residents looking for comprehensive primary care with special attention to hormones, sex, and living their best lives. Please note I do not accept NON-Washington State residents at Vida Integrated Health at this time.  I am proud to be a provider offering PRP for Orgasm Enhancement for women and treatment of erectile dysfunction for men. We also offer the shockwave treatment for men and women to support sexual function and rejuvenation.

For the rest of the world and the 49 other states, I am currently consulting with a limited number of clients privately. For these individuals, I am proud to be a member of your health team but do not manage medications or perform routine exams.  These appointments are geared towards offering Functional Medicine insight to chronic health conditions including fertility, menopause, sexual dysfunction, depression, fatigue, and other concerns.  Online scheduling coming soon.

Vida functional medicine

I am proud to be a Functional Medicine Director at Vida Integrated Health leading a busy practice and team of doctors and nutritionists in Seattle, Washington.
Womens Sexual Health

Women's Sexual Health

A personalized approach to your sexual health care including assessment of metabolism, digestion, nutrient status, and mental health

Men's Sexual Health

I use natural and pharmaceutical agents to support our patients with low testosterone, Acoustic Wave Therapy (Shockwave) and PRP (platelet rich plasma).


As part of my post-doctoral training, I was fortunate enough to be selected by the MS Society to rotate with the top MS Neurologists (integrative and conventional) at University of Washington, Swedish, and Virginia Mason medical centers.

MS is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that affects over 1 million people in the US. Many individuals with MS may have increased “leaky gut”, formally known as intestinal permeability. In fact, a 2017 article found 73% of MS relapsing-remitting patients had IP vs 28% of healthy control subjects. If we can help support these leaky guts, we may be able to improve lives of people living with MS.

As a guest lecturer on “Integrative Approaches to MS Management” at the University of Washington MS Center for the last 3 years, I bring the latest research to my patients on supplements, dietary approaches including the Wahl’s Diet, mitochondrial food plan, and treating the digestive system are foundational in my work with MS patients. I also evaluate for cellular mitochondrial dysfunction, a critical component of healing the nervous system.

I believe in working adjectively with your Neurologist and using Functional Medicine to reduce inflammation, support gut health, and improve function. My work in supporting those with Multiple Sclerosis uses a complementary approach to the current conventional interventions available.

Dr Michelle Leary

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Patient Reviews

Review RH

Tina E. - Seattle, WA

” I care about not only disease prevention but also anti-aging and beauty. I wanted someone who would scrutinize my bloodwork for anywhere I could possibly improve – as well as address some food intolerances as a relates to joint pain. All of the above has been achieved – my bloodwork showed a few areas that could be tweaked with simple supplementation. As well as a more concerning issue that I had no idea existed. In the end, my joint pain has been 100% alleviated and I’m confident the plan Dr Leary has in place to correct the other issue. Her bedside manner is impeccable – professional yet extremely comforting and affable. She explained so many things to me in a patient, in-depth and non-condescending way. I never felt rushed or dismissed”.
Review from RH

R.H. - Ravenna, WA

” Dr. Leary is an exceptional communicator. She is the first functional medicine doctor that I have seen and my experience so far have been very, very positive. She takes the time that is needed to clearly explain things, as well as being a careful (and empathetic) listener (I feel that she has a very clear understanding of my health situation and ANY key factors that could be playing a role). So, she talked with me to develop some priorities and sketch some realistic cost/benefit analyses for each plan of action. In other words, I felt informed but never pressured in the slightest to pursue any plan (for example, if I might be unsure about something, or something may not be financially comfortable/feasible at the time)”.
Review Lance

Lance D. - Seattle, WA

” I was introduced to Dr. Leary mainly to help with weight loss. I just didn’t want to lose weight I wanted to keep it off and be educated about how to do so as well. It has been an amazing experience to date. I now understand the dynamics of healthy weight loss. Dr. Leary has really taken the time to understand who I am as a person and how to individually set up a plan that works for me with great success. She has been easy to communicate with remotely and is always asking how I feel, is there any changes? She has gone above and beyond to make sure I succeed and keep the weight off”.