Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022

New Year’s Eve in my mid-30s as a single mom during a never-ending pandemic is a very different look than circa 2006 with my college roommates in downtown Vancouver, BC…Sigh. The good ol’ days…But we’ll leave that story for another day.

I have always LOVED New Year. The freshness of it. Clean slate. New energy with big goals. I started my passion project PowerSexBeauty in 2020 and launched it in 2021. Now it’s time to add some structure. More content, access to consultations, and Functional Medicine tips and tricks are on the menu… Can’t wait to share more.

PowerSexBeauty is about going for what you want. This blog and the community that supports it is a way for women who want to empower themselves to become the best version of who they are. Sounds general, non-specific, and a bit cliché? Bear with me here… PowerSexBeauty intends on launching content this year that provides women tools to be able to take better care of themselves so they can be the people they set out to be on January 1st, all year long. That means putting ourselves FIRST. Selfish sounding? Completely. But that’s the trick, we’ve been conditioned to put everyone else’s needs FIRST and our own wants/desires/priorities LAST. And then we wonder why we are exhausted, overweight, anxious, depressed, and have no sex drive. Once we get ourselves out of survival mode – we can start thriving. Easier said than done right? Totally. But do-able, even for the full-time working mama’s out there.

One term that has been on my mind lately is “BURNOUT”. I can’t tell you how many friends and patients are coming to me feeling DEPLETED. I, also, know this feeling well. And when I’m done having my pity party, I know how to pull myself out of it. Why do we get burned out? The obvious answers would be lack of sleep, personal time, inadequate exercise, meditation, poor diet etc… And you’d be right if you said these things. But let’s go DEEPER. We get burned out because we think if we don’t give more, do more, be more… we are letting someone down. Our kids won’t get their homework done. The project at work gets pushed another week. Our spouse gets annoyed for the 5th time this week and starts another argument, thus propagating the cycle. We get burned out because we were raised to get our pleasure stimulation from external praise instead of internal acknowledgment. Translation? We need someone else to think highly of us because we don’t do it ourselves. We get burned out because we don’t think we are enough to put ourselves as a priority. Does this sound like another self-help blog where I tell you to need to LOVE YOURSELF and you think “who has time for that?”. Maybe. Here’s the thing, all the psycho-babble, mumbo-jumbo stuff, that shit is legit. Self-love is recognizing when we need to take a walk, even though our email inbox is full. Self-care is jumping on your peloton for 15 minutes at lunch following by 5 minutes of stretching and feeling DAMN GOOD for your afternoon vs reaching for another latte. And identify the self-talk that isn’t serving you. I am _______[dumb/ugly/fat/incapable/broken/stupid]. Figure out where that story is coming from and fix it. It’s poison for your mind. Try this approach on for size – Have you ever looked at the stars when far enough away from city light pollution and been in awe of how small we really are? There are trillions of stars, all with likely some planetary systems, and probably multiple dimensions that we just can’t conceptualize or see… Still with me here? And this has been in existence for ~ 10 billion years. Yet we are worried about the wording of an email we just sent to our temperamental colleague on a power trip, taking our energy away from positivity and love, for what? For nothing. For your brain to feel like it is accomplishing some form of worry, that you are programmed to do, that is diminishing your REAL power to achieve greatness. Here’s the best news of this blog – You can change these behaviors. Even amid a pandemic, frenzied job market, and with a baby on your hip and a 2nd grader with an attitude. It is doable. We truly are the makers of our own reality. So if you want to be powerful, sexy, and beautiful from the inside out in 2022, you have to know a little secret… You already are. We just are fine-tuning the dial. Happy New Year. Can’t wait to share, grow, and learn with you in 2022.

Michelle Marie Leary, ND, IFMCP

Writer: Michelle Leary
Writer: Michelle Leary
January 23, 2022

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