What is an orgasm?

Did you learn this in sex-ed? I sure didn’t. I remember knowing, prior to my first orgasm, that I hadn’t had one but I never thought it would be that good. Like, what just happened kind of good. Shortly after this inaugural experience, I remember watching a...


The Power of Abundance and Mindset

What’s your relationship to money? Have you ever really thought about it? I’m currently relearning how to think and conceptualize money, so think of this as an amateur athlete writing an article on how to get to the Olympics. I’m realizing how the idea of scarcity...

Money Mindset
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Empower yourself. Cellularly speaking.

Mitochondria are a hot topic in the world of cellular optimization, anti-aging medicine, and the science of longevity. When we stress our mitochondria appropriately through nutritional fasting and exercise, their resilience factor grows. They become MORE efficient at their energy production techniques and often will grow in numbers, making our bodies more efficient at doing the same activity the next time around. SO cool. I’m truly obsessed with this concept. Lastly, mito have their own DNA. It is inherited from your mom only. Sorry dads.

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Power Sex Beauty Intro Blog

PowerSexBeauty is a lifestyle and health blog dedicated to women who want to empower themselves through optimization of health, invigorate their sexual energy, and live beautifully from the inside and out. Powerful women are sexy. When a woman knows who she is and...