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Attachment Types and Their Partner’s Attachment Type

Attachment theory, once known, cannot be unknown or unlearned. It is, for those of us who have found it, like the holy grail of relationships. It can explain the WHY behind so many dysfunctional pairings and can provide a framework for how we can heal ourselves within or outside an intimate partnership. I find it quite common that many anxious preoccupied or fearful avoidant (leaning anxious) attachment types will often want to learn more about their partner's style than their own, in a backwards effort to "fix" the problem.


Attachment Theory & Types

Attachment theory is one of the trendiest psychological theories that social media loves to LOVE. Why? Because it's applicable to almost anyone who has/had parents or a romantic relationship. How we were raised until the age of 3 influences how we may engage in...

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Enmeshment and Absence of Desire

If you are in a long-term committed relationship and you are intertwined in your partners life – this may be a sign of enmeshment. A major killer of libido for men and women – especially women. Yes, you have separate jobs, but at the end of the day the two of you live, eat, breathe EACH OTHER. This creates a lack of healthy distance in the relationship where there is no room for desire to bloom.

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Cornerstone of desire

It's no secret that the world of erotic desire is a mysterious one. What makes someone become attracted to another person? What keeps the fires of desire burning hot over time? And why do some couples lose their spark while others seem to maintain it indefinitely?

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The Science of Orgasms Part 1 -The Male Orgasm

We’ve all heard of or, if we’re lucky, experienced the magic of a really good orgasm. But what is actually going on in our bodies when we climax? In this series, we'll explore the physiology of orgasms in both men and women. By understanding what's happening at a cellular level, we can gain a greater appreciation of the complexity of what is required to achieve sexual satisfaction.

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Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022

PowerSexBeauty intends on launching content this year that provides women tools to be able to take better care of themselves so they can be the people they set out to be on January 1st, all year long.